Pharmaceutical counseling is a necessary skill that separates a good pharmacy from a great one. At Bay Area Pharmacy, we exceed the expectations of our patients by offering quality pharmaceutical counseling services with a purpose. Although filling prescriptions correctly and swiftly is paramount to our work, ensuring that our customers understand what medications they are taking, how they should be taking them, and what to look out for is critical when offering top-of-the-line pharmacy counseling services.

Without conversing with their pharmacist, a patient leaves the pharmacy with their medication and the simple directions on the label. Counseling and guiding patients on their medications is an essential part of our dispensing process at Bay Area Pharmacy.

We ensure that our patients and their caregivers have enough information about their medications to:

  • Enable a well-based knowledge of their medications.
  • Minimize adverse side effects or know what side effects to look for.
  • Benefit from the intended therapeutic effects their medications offer.

The applicable pamphlets may provide all relevant information regarding a patient’s medical history or prescription medicine we can offer.

As a result of our counseling services, patients and their caregivers will:

  • Understand when and how to use the medications they have been prescribed.
  • Receive all their medications correctly, with straightforward and easy-to-understand instructions.
  • Recognize how their medications should be stored.
  • Have access to a knowledgeable pharmacist that can offer professional counseling.

What can I ask my pharmacist?

We want to create awareness and disseminate knowledge for our patients through pharmaceutical counseling services. Please feel free to ask any questions or concerns regarding the medications you have been prescribed or are currently taking. Some of the common questions we receive include the following:

  • Am I allergic to this medication?
  • Will this medication affect any other medications I am currently taking?
  • Are there certain precautions I should consider when consuming this medication?
  • Is there a Black Box warning on this medication?

Rational Drug Use (RDU) 

The World Health Organization (WHO) states that a patient will receive a drug that is appropriate to their clinical condition, with the proper dosage, at the right time, taking into account global therapy costs. The WHO has assigned the Rule of Rights to the RDU. The Rule of Rights is as follows:

  • The Right Patient
  • The Right Drug
  • The Right Time
  • The Right Dose; and
  • The Right Route

Improper Use of Medications 

The World Health Organization notes that half of the medications that are prescribed are both sold and dispensed inappropriately. Consequently, half of all patients misuse their medication by either over or under-consuming them, simply due to their lack of knowledge of their prescriptions. Some consequences resulting from this include:

  • Negatively impacted health and wealth.
  • Errors in medications.
  • Antimicrobial resistance.
  • Noncompliance and adherence from patients.

Who is a Good Candidate? 

Ideal candidates for pharmaceutical counseling services are patients with long-term health management needs who may struggle with understanding their medications and how to take them. Additionally, caregivers caring for their elderly, disabled, or sick family members or loved ones will also benefit from this service. Bay Area Pharmacy counseling will help you stay in the know of your pharmaceutical needs while monitoring condition progression to ensure you receive the care you deserve.

What to Expect

Your Bay Area Pharmacist will review your medications, allowing them to recommend you to a qualified physician and nursing staff. Based on the drug interactions you may be experiencing, your medical care team will be able to provide you with the care you require. Through evaluations and monitoring, your team will also be able to recognize if you are taking the wrong medication or too much of a medicine, and alterations to your regimen could be made accordingly.

Contact Us!

Bay Area Pharmacy was established to support every single member of our community. If you are seeking pharmacy counseling services or have questions regarding your prescription medications, please send us a message here.