What is Compounding?

Pharmaceutical Compounding is the science in modern medicine that allows pharmacists to customize their patient’s medications to fit their restrictions or preferences innovatively. Once a practitioner has drawn a prescription, a compounding pharmacist will look at that prescription and combine the precise dosage necessary to personalize the medicine. Some forms of compounded medications include alcohol-free, sugar-free, dye-free, and preservative-free. Specialized medication combinations that are compounded may not be found commercially, which makes compounding so unique.

At Bay Area Pharmacy, all pharmacists have undergone extensive compounding training for oral and topical medications such as capsules, syrups, ointments, suspensions, suppositories, and other formulations that make taking medications more manageable and efficient. Working with patients and their physicians, our pharmacists use their compounding education to provide patients with clarity and ease in their medical journey.

All medications compounded at our facility are done upon valid proof of a patient’s prescription. We will communicate with you and your physician to determine the best treatment option.

Benefits of Choosing Bay Area Compounding

We offer the Tampa Bay area a decades-long, clinically respected compounding pharmacy. We ensure that your medications are accurate and available to you promptly. We offer customized capsules, creams, lotions, solutions, lip balms, suppositories, troches, and transdermal gels. Whether you need a medication compounded for necessary or personal reasons, we can help!

  • We tailor our patients’ prescriptions to fit their needs so they can clear away unfavorable side effects.
  • We can customize formulations for prescriptions, making them easier to administer.
  • We can cultivate one single dosage out of multiple prescriptions for our patient’s convenience.
  • We make lozenges and drops more palatable by adding flavoring.
  • If you are sensitive to certain ingredients in medications, allergen-free prescriptions are possible through our compounding techniques.

When is Compounding Necessary? 

Sometimes, compounding is required for medical reasons, such as removing a specific ingredient to avoid an allergic reaction or acquiring an exact dosage. Other times, compounding is more of a personal want, such as converting a capsule from medication into a syrup for a patient that has difficulty swallowing pills. We understand the importance of receiving your necessary medications. Whether your compounding needs are dire or personal preferences, our licensed compounding pharmacists are prepared to ensure you are provided with accurate and effective prescriptions that meet the mark every time.

Compounding vs. Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Pharmaceutical manufacturing is the standard form of creating medications on a commercial level. These commercially manufactured medications are prescribed to the masses, with no specific personalization to the patients they are prescribed to. Compounding, however, takes these manufactured medications and customizes them to an individual’s needs. As previously stated, there are many reasons why someone would want or need a prescription compounded, and luckily, with modern medicine, we now have the technology to make that possible.

Safety Measures of Bay Area Pharmacy Compounding

It’s no secret that depending on medications daily for a good quality of life can become overwhelming. Bay Area Pharmacy is home to highly trained and licensed compounding scientists who are passionate about personalizing medications to make patients’ lives a lot more bearable and easier. We are equipped with an independent laboratory to inspect all medications’ potency and accuracy and follow strict guidelines when performing our compounding techniques.

Bay Area Pharmacy ensures that taking your prescriptions is as effortless as possible. If you are interested in our compounding techniques or require a medication to be compounded, get in contact with us today! Our team of experts is diligently waiting to get your medicine tailored to your needs as soon as possible. Feel free to send us a message here.